Ticket Venues & Attractions Security Solutions

Welcome your visitors like the VIPs they are.

Create great fan experiences straight out of the gate.

The Xtract One Portfolio of solutions and gateway screening provides fast, frictionless entry for events of all sizes. For patrons, it’s as easy as walking straight into the venue. Patrons are not required to divest their personal items, endure pat-downs, long lines, or be subject to unnecessary scrutiny, delivering a better experience from the start.

Our AI-driven technology delivers an integrated, multi-layered security solution that:

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Shift your security operations from reactive, to proactive.

Maximize safety while minimizing inefficiencies.

Xtract One’s invisible multi-sensor covert threats detection software and integrated, customizable hardware allows your security staff to preemptively disarm threats at the source. Our products will equip your security team with the AI-backed data and cutting-edge tools they need to identify a broad range of potential dangers, digitally. Ultimately, investing in Xtract One’s smarter security systems reduces the risk of human error and escalating confrontations, while preserving the great memories your patrons have made in your venue.

Strengthen your security with data-based decision-making.

Reduce disturbances and safety risks for your team and patrons.

Our customizable entry and gateway screening software can detect concealed weapons, knives or explosives. By collecting valuable business insights, your security team is fully prepared to make data-supported decisions and respond appropriately, de-escalating and disarming threats before they happen, with minimal disruption to operations.

Xtract One’s fast and frictionless entry solutions provide the opportunity to redesign your existing security processes and operations, potentially freeing up as much as 70% of the security staff’s duties, who can be redeployed for addressing other operational needs. Plus, our integrated security systems offer proactive alerts to potential threats, crowd disturbances, abnormal behaviors and activities, so security personnel can intervene before the risk escalates.

Our Solutions

Gateway Screening

The Xtract One SmartGateway is our comprehensive, customizable patron-screening solution, intentionally designed to address the specific perimeter security challenges of stadiums, arenas, and live entertainment venues. It’s optimized for high-throughput environments where thousands of patrons need to enter the premises quickly in accordance with security standards.

Gateway Screening Features

Unobtrusively scans patrons and detects concealed guns, knives, and other prohibited items with high accuracy, reducing confrontations and improving guest experience

Ai-powered sensors detect hidden threats without forcing patrons to endure invasive personal item searches or uncomfortable pat downs

Developed in collaboration with professional leagues and sports organizations, aligning with their needs and insights identified during extensive consultation

Real-Time Analytics

Xtract One Insights is our AI-powered software platform that seamlessly integrates with our Gateway screening products as well as your existing security infrastructure, providing your security team with a single, simplified dashboard view of critical venue information.

Real-Time Analytics Features

Provides a comprehensive view of venue business insights using data from the multi-sensor SmartGateway lanes, video recognition camera feeds, and other sources

Automatically alerts your security team of important situations and disturbances, including weapons-related incidents, physical confrontations and more

Processes and analyzes the entire collection of venue data, notifying operators and security personnel of events of interest in real-time for an immediate response

Facility Reporting

In addition to security information, Xtract One Insights conveniently analyzes operations data and other valuable business insights such as line flow, wait times, and crowd behavior to help you run your venue as profitably and smoothly as possible.

Facility Reporting Features

Identifies causes of long wait times and abnormal crowd movements

Helps managers make better-informed decisions about staffing, operations, line management, venue set up and more

Decisions can be reviewed and adjusted in real-time and post-event, facilitating more strategic planning for future events

Support and training

Our experienced team of security, venue, and product experts will work with you directly to identify gaps in your current security infrastructure and find the ideal data-driven solution and configuration for your facility’s specific needs.

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand the unique requirements of your venue and personnel for a custom business and security solution

Once your site has been assessed and the ideal solution has been determined, we provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities

Lifetime access to ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation as new security challenges and business objectives arise

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