XtractOne View

Insights Re-imagined 

Unified Solutions

An intuitive, single-window overview of your entire operation. 

Change settings in a moment, from anywhere. Access data, from anywhere. Check system health, from anywhere. For all of your Gateways, in one place.

Xtract One’s cloud-based platform, Xtract One View, provides oversight of your entire fleet of Xtract One SmartGateways from one interface. Different entrances, different facilities, even different continents – wherever your SmartGateways are, Xtract One View provides a central management system from which to monitor and manage all your SmartGateways and analyze your facility ingress.

Gateway Management

With Xtract One View, you can simultaneously monitor all of your SmartGateways. Allowing you to check the system health and connect and configure your threat detection solution. 

Why Xtract One View?

Operating more than one Gateway? You can stay up to date in near real-time. 

Seeing increased throughput at one of your entrances? That information is with you as it’s happening so you can redeploy resources to ease the flow. 

Want to update settings remotely? A simple interface allows you to do it at the click of a button.

Management and Reporting

Xtract One View is our AI-powered software platform that seamlessly integrates with our SmartGateway screening solution, providing your security team with a single, simplified dashboard view of system settings and critical facility information.

With login access controls, you decide who can view data and change system settings

Enables Gateway system health checking, and setting configuration, with access from a tablet or desktop

Processes and analyzes facility data to provide a comprehensive view of facility insights using data from your Gateways

Venue Operator Advantages

Benefits for Patrons

More welcoming experiences that encourage more positive memories

Maintained sense of comfort without sacrificing safety precautions

Reduced anxiety about potential screening bias or discrimination

Preserved sense of privacy and personal well-being

Reliable Support

We provide comprehensive assessments to understand the complex requirements of your facility, offering a solution that enhances your operations

We provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize functionality and capabilities

Ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation

One Source for Frictionless Entry