AI-Powered Casino Security Solutions

The House Always Wins with Xtract One’s Casino Security Solutions.

In the high-stakes environment of casinos, ensuring the utmost security is a necessity. Xtract One’s AI-powered security solutions enable casinos to enjoy unprecedented safety and operational efficiency. Our state-of-the-art casino security systems are engineered to automatically detect concealed weapons with unmatched accuracy – an invaluable protection layer that keeps staff and patrons safe.

Casinos want their guests to always feel comfortable while also offering them a safe and secure environment. Xtract One provides entry-screening solutions that automatically detect guns, knives, and other threats with superior accuracy to metal detectors. SmartGateway works without requiring guests to divest personal items or endure pat-downs. When a weapon is detected, security is discretely notified allowing staff to address the issue without disrupting the inflow of other patrons. Xtract One solutions can be installed at every entrance, providing secure screening of patrons and employees to keep everyone safe without compromising their stay.

Xtract One’s advanced casino security technology goes beyond traditional security methods. Our AI-powered solutions proactively identify and mitigate risks before they escalate into incidents by detecting unusual behaviors or potential threats, even in large crowds. This constant real-time analysis allows our systems to learn and adapt, ensuring your security always remains cutting-edge.

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Up the Ante of Your Current Security Operations.

Elevating your casino’s security to the next level requires more than just standard measures; it demands innovation and advanced technology. Xtract One offers AI-powered threat detection that integrates seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure. This enhances your current security operations and brings a new dimension of intelligence and responsiveness to your casino’s safety protocols.

Our gateway screening solution and AI-powered platform provide an additional layer of security for your casino by integrating with your existing video camera infrastructure. The integrated security application automatically sends real-time alerts of detectable threats, such as weapons-related incidents straight to your security personnel’s mobile devices and computers, enabling faster response times. Our support team works closely with you to configure, commission, and onboard your security team with the optimal solution for your venue.

The beauty of our AI-powered casino security technology lies in its precision and adaptability. It continuously learns from incoming data, improving its detection capabilities and safeguarding your casino against the latest security challenges. This means your security personnel are equipped with the most advanced tools to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

Elevate Your Casino Security Solutions with SmartGateway & Xtract One View

The Future of Patron Screening is Fast, Discreet, and Guest-Centric

Xtract One’s SmartGateway is revolutionizing casino security. The AI-powered solution effortlessly scans patrons for guns, knives, and other prohibited items, discreetly enhancing safety without the discomfort and delays of traditional metal detectors. Combined with Xtract One View, you gain a comprehensive suite for casino security and operational optimization.

SmartGateway: Enhance Security & the Guest Experience

Xtract One View: Real-Time Insights for Proactive Operations

Why Casinos Choose Xtract One

Focus on Your Core Business

Outsource your threat detection to our cutting-edge solution, streamlining operations and letting security staff focus on higher-level tasks.

Superior Accuracy and Technology

SmartGateway detects threats that metal detectors miss, while still providing a frictionless guest experience.

Tailored and Supportive

We partner with you for a customized solution – from comprehensive assessments to ongoing training and support.

Support and Training

Our experienced team of security, venue, and product experts will work with you directly to identify gaps in your current security infrastructure and find the ideal data-driven solution and configuration for your facility’s specific needs.

Assess Your Needs

We conduct thorough on-site assessments to fully understand your casino's unique layout, security protocols, and operational goals.

Customize Your Solution

Based on our assessment, we tailor a security plan specifically designed for your venue, ensuring optimal integration and impact.

Empower Your Team

Our comprehensive training covers system operation, maintenance, and best practices for leveraging Xtract One's full potential. Your team gains the expertise to confidently manage the solutions.

Ongoing Support

We offer continuous assistance as your needs evolve, ensuring your security investment continues to deliver maximum value.

With Xtract One, you gain a dedicated team committed to enhancing the security posture of your entire casino.

Hear from our Clients

Understanding Xtract One's Technology

How are non-metal threats handled?
Xtract One’s SmartGateway focuses on detecting ferrous and strong non-ferrous metals, which form the core of most dangerous weapons. While non-conductive materials like ceramics are not detected, these are far less commonly used in concealed weapons threats. Our system prioritizes detecting the most likely dangers while prioritizing a seamless guest experience.
How does it ensure ease-of-use across demographics?
SmartGateway is designed to be incredibly intuitive. Patrons simply walk through, and the AI handles the rest. Clear visual and audio cues guide users, minimizing confusion. This approach ensures that guests of all ages and technical backgrounds feel comfortable during the screening process.
What are the customization options?
SmartGateway’s exteriors can be tailored to blend seamlessly with your casino’s unique ambiance. This ensures the system complements your existing aesthetic rather than disrupting it.
Can I adjust the sensitivity?
Yes! Xtract One View allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity settings of your SmartGateway system. This gives you control over the level of detection, enabling you to adapt the system to your venue’s specific needs.
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Yes! Xtract One View allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity settings of your SmartGateway system. This gives you control over the level of detection, enabling you to adapt the system to your venue’s specific needs.

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