Hospital and Healthcare Facilities Security Solutions

Enhancing Healthcare Facility Security and Efficiency.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly concerned about growing weapon threats. As recent reports reveal, including one from the Mayo Clinic in 2022, violent incidents are at 2.5 per 100 beds, five times more frequent in healthcare facilities than in other industries.

Xtract One offers tailored entry screening solutions designed for healthcare facilities. Our AI-powered technology identifies potential threats like weapons while minimizing disruptions to patients, staff, and visitors. Our security system scans for weapons as individuals enter the hospital, alerting security discreetly for swift responses.

When testing Xtract One in healthcare venues, we found:

  • 5.6% of visitors and patients were carrying a prohibited items or weapon
  • Items detected included firearms, knives, swords, machetes, and tasers

Choose Xtract One for improved security without compromising aesthetics or care.

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Our Solutions

Smart Gateway Screening

The Xtract One SmartGateway is our entry screening solution, designed for environments where employees and visitors need to enter premises quickly in accordance with security standards, and to maximize operational efficiencies without compromising on safety.

Gateway Screening Features

Unobtrusively scans patrons and detects threats with high accuracy, reducing confrontations, improving guest experience

AI-powered sensors detect hidden threats without forcing patrons to endure invasive personal item searches or uncomfortable pat downs

Customizable exteriors of the SmartGateway allow the solution to be tailored to the aesthetics of your venue

Facility Reporting

In addition to security information, Xtract One Insights conveniently analyzes operations data and other valuable business insights such as line flow, wait times, and crowd behavior to help you run your venue as profitably and smoothly as possible.

Facility Reporting Features

Identifies causes of long wait times and abnormal crowd movements

Helps managers make better-informed decisions about staffing, operations, line management, venue set up and more

Insights can be reviewed and decisions adjusted in real-time and at a later date, facilitating more strategic planning

Support and training

Our experienced team of security, venue, and product experts will work with you directly to identify gaps in your current security infrastructure and find the ideal data-driven solution and configuration for your facility’s specific needs.

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand the unique requirements of your venue and personnel for a custom business and security solution

Once your site has been assessed and the ideal solution has been determined, we provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities

Lifetime access to ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation as new security challenges and business objectives arise

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