The future of perimeter screening technology

SmartGateway delivers fast, reliable, and accurate patron screening for high throughput venues and facilities, replacing intimidating metal detectors. This solution unobtrusively scans patrons for guns, knives, and other prohibited items as they enter your facility, using AI-powered sensors to detect threats without invading the sense of privacy and comfort of your patrons. The system is ideal for venues and facilities that need to get large numbers of people in quickly, safely, and in alignment with security standards requirements including DHS SAFETY Act Designation.

Fast, Frictionless Entry

Each lane is equipped with the capacity to screen up to 2400 patrons per hour

Equipped with integrated traffic flow pacing features including customizable displays, traffic lights and audio signals that help guide patrons through entry points more efficiently

Reduces time spent in long security lines by 2-7 times compared to average time spent using
walk-through metal detectors

Venue Operator Advantages

Benefits for Patrons

More welcoming experiences that encourage more positive memories

Maintained sense of comfort without sacrificing safety precautions

Reduced anxiety about potential screening bias or discrimination

Preserved sense of privacy and personal well-being

Reliable Support

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand the complex requirements of your facilities and personnel, offering a customized solution that adapts to and enhances your operations instead of disrupting it.

We provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities, ensuring a frictionless integration

Ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation

One Source for Frictionless Entry