School Safety Solutions with AI Security & Weapons Detection

Protecting Students, Teachers, and Visitors.

Discrete, non-invasive weapons and threats detection.

The risk of violence in educational institutions is a growing concern. By detecting threats upon entry, tragedies can be prevented with minimal disturbance. Xtract One provides entry screening solutions that automatically detect guns, knives, and other threats more accurately than metal detectors without requiring students and staff to divest personal items or endure pat-downs. When our integrated school security solution detects a weapon, security is discretely notified where the weapon is located on the body, ensuring an immediate response. Our AI solutions for school security can be installed at every entrance, so you can protect your institution before, during and after hours without creating a distressing atmosphere.

Schools from K-12 to higher education can use SmartGateway to provide a reliable, non-invasive means of detecting and preventing weapons and other threats from entering safe learning spaces. Leveraging advanced AI and discreet screening methods ensures that students, teachers, and visitors experience a secure yet unobtrusive entry process, maintaining a focus on education and personal growth.

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Our School Security Solutions

At Xtract One, our security solutions for education are engineered to empower schools to preemptively identify, effectively mitigate, and rapidly respond to potential threats. Each school security solution in our repertoire is crafted with precision, integrating advanced technology with human insight to address the distinct security needs of schools.


The Xtract One SmartGateway is our comprehensive, customizable entry screening solution, designed to unobtrusively scan students and visitors with the ability to detect concealed threats before they are brought onto campus. SmartGateway revolutionizes school security with its ability to screen up to 2400 patrons per hour per lane, significantly enhancing the efficiency of entry points. Integrated with traffic flow pacing features, including customizable displays and audio signals, it guides patrons swiftly and effectively, reducing congestion at entrances. This technology ensures a smoother, quicker passage, reducing the time spent in lines by 2-7 times compared to traditional walk-through metal detectors. Such efficiency is crucial in maintaining a secure yet welcoming school environment, allowing students and staff to focus more on education and less on logistics.

Xtract One View

 Xtract One’s cloud-based platform, Xtract One View, provides oversight of your entire fleet of Xtract One SmartGateways from one interface. Different entrances, different facilities, even different continents – wherever your SmartGateways are, Xtract One View provides a central management system from which to monitor and manage all your SmartGateways and analyze your facility ingress. 

Change settings in a moment, from anywhere. Access data, from anywhere. Check system health, from anywhere. For all of your Gateways, in one place.

Gateway Screening Features

Introducing innovative school security solutions is pivotal in shaping a conducive learning environment for students and teachers. With a focus on seamless accessibility, enhanced safety, and preserved privacy, our AI solutions for school security exemplify how advanced technology can be harnessed to foster a sense of security and well-being within your educational institution.

Automatic Scanning
Our school security solutions unobtrusively scan students and detect concealed guns, knives, and other prohibited items with high accuracy, reducing confrontations and improving entry speed. The system operates discreetly, allowing students and staff to go about their day with minimal disruption, fostering a sense of normalcy and comfort. By mitigating the risk of confrontations, it promotes a more harmonious atmosphere, essential for learning and development. This is integral in maintaining a smooth flow of movement while ensuring the highest level of safety within the educational environment.
Unobtrusive Detection
AI-powered sensors detect hidden threats without forcing students and visitors to endure invasive personal item searches or uncomfortable pat-downs. By employing advanced artificial intelligence, the system can precisely identify potential risks, thereby reducing the need for more intrusive security measures. The discreet nature of this technology ensures that students and visitors can move freely and comfortably, fostering a sense of trust and respect between the school and its community. This unobtrusive detection technology is paramount in creating a school environment that feels both secure and inviting.
Discrete Alerts
Our school security solutions operate with a discreteness that seamlessly integrates into the school environment, ensuring optimal security without the overt presence of intimidating machinery or procedures. By being inconspicuous, it reduces the anxiety and apprehension that can often accompany more overt security measures. Students can focus on their studies and social interactions rather than being constantly reminded of security threats. For visitors and educators, the discrete nature of the system allows for an unobtrusive entry, ensuring their primary attention remains on education and collaboration.
Faster Entry
Our security solutions for schools allow faster ingress for students, teachers, and visitors, reducing confrontations and friction. The expedited entry helps optimize time use, allowing students and educators to focus more on learning and less on logistics. By reducing the wait times and eliminating the everyday stressors associated with entry, our school security solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience for everyone entering the school premises. This promotes a positive school atmosphere, community, and mutual respect among students, teachers, and visitors.
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Support and Training

Our experienced team of security experts will work with you directly to identify gaps in your current security infrastructure and find the ideal data-driven solution and configuration for your facility’s specific needs.

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand your facilities’ and personnel’s unique requirements for a custom business and security solution.

Once your site has been assessed and the ideal solution has been determined, we provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities.

Lifetime access to ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation as new security challenges and organisational objectives arise.

Benefits for Students and Teachers

Introducing innovative school security solutions is pivotal in shaping a conducive learning environment for students and teachers. With a focus on seamless accessibility, enhanced safety, and preserved privacy, our AI solutions for school security exemplify how advanced technology can be harnessed to foster a sense of security and well-being within your educational institution.

Immediate Entry
Walk straight into school without facing the hurdle of lines or delays, thanks to our advanced school security solutions. Our security solutions for schools transform the daily routine by removing unnecessary holdups from the beginning of the school day to the end, ensuring that every moment is spent on learning and growth.
Sense of Safety
Maintain your sense of comfort without sacrificing your safety. Our advanced school security solutions seamlessly combine comfort and security without compromising essential safety measures. Our AI solutions for schools enable students, educators, and visitors to immerse themselves in learning and collaboration, fortified by an underlying layer of protection.
Reduced Anxiety
Cultivate a space where the minds of students, teachers, and visitors are at ease, fostering a more conducive atmosphere for learning and interaction. With thoughtful design and innovative features, our school security solutions address the everyday stressors that can lead to heightened anxiety, offering a more balanced and calming approach to security.
Preserved Privacy
Step into an environment where your privacy is respected and meticulously preserved. Our security solutions for schools are engineered to safeguard individual privacy while maintaining the highest security standards. This balance between protection and privacy fosters a trusting and respectful educational atmosphere without concerns about intrusive surveillance or data breaches.
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Make your School Safer with Xtract One

With cutting-edge AI solutions for school security, Xtract One ensures that students, educators, and visitors experience a seamless, secure, and respectful atmosphere. Our security solutions for schools are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, fostering an environment of learning and growth. Don’t just secure your school; transform it with Xtract One. Contact us today to learn more about our school security solutions and how we can protect your school.

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