XtractOne Insights

An intuitive, single-window overview of your entire operation

Unified Solutions

Xtract One Insights is a software solution that analyzes massive amounts of venue data in real time, automatically detecting incidents and alerting the appropriate personnel for immediate action. This solution uses AI to integrate multiple data sources, including Xtract One Gateways, security cameras, and access control systems into a single holistic view of your venue.

Gateway Management

Xtract One Insights integrates with your Gateway lanes, enabling you to monitor and manage them from one central location. This consolidated platform integrates data from high-volume venues and multiple Gateways into a single system, enabling more efficient operations. Xtract One Insights also collects real-time updates about patron traffic flow and wait times, providing valuable information that can impact decision-making such as where and how your staff is deployed and assessing the efficacy of operational adjustments.

Xtract One Vision

Xtract One Vision integrates to existing digital camera servers, enabling organizations to screen for a wide range of threats. Powered by AI, our software identifies unauthorized guns and weapons and can alert security staff, or central security operations centers to threats. Using Xtract One Vision security teams can then make informed decisions, earlier. The system’s capabilities could also be extended to detecting anomalous / left items, crowd counting, or detecting crowd disturbances.

Insights and Reporting

Xtract One Insights is our AI-powered software platform that seamlessly integrates with our Gateway screening products as well as your existing security infrastructure, providing your security team with a single, simplified dashboard view of critical venue information.

Provides a comprehensive view of venue business insights using data from the multi-sensor SmartGateway™ lanes, video recognition camera feeds, and other sources

Automatically alerts your security team of important situations and disturbances, including weapons-related incidents, physical confrontations and more

Processes and analyzes the entire collection of venue data, notifying operators and security personnel of events of interest in real-time for an immediate response

Venue Operator Advantages

Benefits for Patrons

More welcoming experiences that encourage more positive memories

Maintained sense of comfort without sacrificing safety precautions

Reduced anxiety about potential screening bias or discrimination

Preserved sense of privacy and personal well-being

Reliable Support

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand the complex requirements of your venue and personnel, offering a customized solution that adapts to and enhances your operations instead of disrupting it.

We provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities, ensuring a frictionless integration

Ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation

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