NBC: Plaza to implement A.I. security

PATSCAN (Patriot One Technologies)
PATSCAN (Patriot One Technologies)

by Mat Luschek, Monday, November 16th 2020

Following a recent uptick in Strip violence, the Plaza Hotel and Casino is deploying an advanced A.I. security and safety platform.

PATSCAN, as it is called, is an artificial intelligence network of hidden sensors that are capable of detecting concealed weapons, concealed threat-objects and weapons from afar — such as in parking lots.

It can also detect public disturbances and fights.

In addition to recognizing weapons and crime, the network can also detect thermal elevated body temperatures, facial masks, social distancing and contact tracing.

“We’re excited to bring this new innovative, AI-driven threat detection technology to the Plaza,” said Jay Franken, general manager of the Plaza Hotel & Casino. “Popular for a classic Vegas experience and conveniently located at the top of the Fremont Street Experience, the Plaza Hotel & Casino typically welcomes thousands of guests a day. So, we are pleased to be the first in the downtown area to implement new physical and health security solutions to better protect our guests and staff.”

The Plaza will begin implementing PATSCAN this quarter for the holiday season, including the New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration.

Source: https://news3lv.com/news/local/plaza-to-implement-ai-security