Patriot One Continues Digital Transformation of Security Guards with New Alert Center

As we watch just about everything in our lives undergo digital transformation – from online payments to restaurant takeout and even digital custom tailoring − the security guard business remains largely unchanged. Yes, there are metal detectors and video feeds in your typical large venue, but the guards themselves still mostly rely on the oldest tools of the trade to do their jobs: their eyes and ears.


Earlier this week, Patriot One announced the release of Alert Center, a capability that enables stadiums, casinos and other venues to finally digitally transform their security guards. Alert Center is a remote-access solution that enables security alert orchestration and delivery via a mobile app. This enhancement to our PATSCAN portfolio enables easy alert configuration and delivery to individuals or targeted security groups about issues and disturbances like a gun detection, fight or medical situation. It allows security guards and personnel to pre-emptively respond to the scene, fully briefed on the situation, so they can take appropriate action and defuse incidents. 


When an alert is sent, the app indicates the cause – “Fight, Weapon, etc.” along with an image confirming the issue. Guards can also view real-time video footage to gain further intelligence on the situation. Beyond threats and disturbances, this functionality can also be applied to operational considerations that could impact the patron’s experience – such as long lines at concession stands or drink spills. 


Modern technology like Alert Center allows security guards to become empowered using a tool that is comfortable and efficient to them – their smartphones. Instead of having dozens of guards stationed or patrolling around the venue, monitoring people who are mostly not doing anything wrong, venues can optimize time and resources by automatically and pre-emptively briefing guards as soon as an incident arises. 


This digital transformation decreases the need for “raw numbers” of guards, while dramatically increasing the value of each guard, because they can spend a much higher percentage of their time engaged in activities that improve the patron experience. This elevates the profession – which is good news for everyone. For guards, it will mean higher pay and greater job satisfaction. For venue operators, it will mean lower costs and greater effectiveness. And for patrons, it will mean a better experience that keeps them coming back for more. 


As we continue to enhance our platform and artificial intelligence capabilities, the digital transformation of the physical security industry will be our North Star. Stay tuned for more!