Let the games begin!

Crowds queue up, six feet apart, pumped that the stadiums are reopening. You hear the shouts of the fans, only slightly muffled by the masks – it’s a different situation, stadiums are not without the scars of Covid-19.  To accommodate the changes in behavior, security operations will have to tailor certain tasks, like patron screening, to satisfy customer comfort.

Making patrons feel welcome, safe, and comfortable will make the experience of walking back through the doors look a little different. Using technologies like our multi-sensor gateway, together with video recognition software, for temperature screenings and mask detection not only keeps patrons safe but also gives them less to worry about. This reassurance may make being in a crowd after an excruciatingly long period of isolation easier.

However, the security and operations considerations do not end here, the existing challenges of managing crowds and improving operations continue to need to be addressed by modern technology. So adapting to these new ways, is not merely an after effect of Covid-19, but a leap towards all-round efficiencies in stadium security.

How security tech can impact business