Effective, efficient and unobtrusive weapons detection

SafeGateway is an accurate, fast, and unobtrusive solution to seamlessly secure patron and employee entrances. This innovative solution automatically scans entrants for concealed weapons such as guns, knives, and IED components more efficiently and accurately than conventional security measures like metal detectors. This technology reduces or eliminates long lineups, uncomfortable pat downs and invasive searches. SafeGateway is the ideal choice for stadiums, arenas, live entertainment venues, theaters, casinos, nightclubs, art galleries, and other attractions that require effective security screening, without detracting from the guest experience. The SafeGateway offers extra liability protection with the DHS SAFETY Act Designation.

AI-Powered Screening

SafeGateway can be installed discreetly and designed to complement your existing security infrastructure

Sleek hardware can be customized to align with your brand aesthetic

Offers a covert security system that alerts to potential threats without disturbing alarms or flashing lights

Enhanced Security

Seamless Integration

A simplified, unified interface encourages quick adoption by personnel

The weather-resistant and waterproof design allows for indoor and outdoor deployment, aligning with IPX standards

The portable, easy-to-use system allows for permanent or temporary installation, relocation, and flexibility as your venue needs shift

Venue Operator Advantages

Benefits for Patrons

Walk straight into the venue without lines or delays

Maintained sense of comfort without sacrificing safety precautions

Reduced anxiety about potential screening bias or discrimination

Preserved sense of privacy and personal well-being

Reliable Support

We provide comprehensive initial site assessments to fully understand the complex requirements of your venue and personnel, offering a customized solution that adapts to and enhances your operations instead of disrupting it.

We provide your personnel with in-depth product training to optimize your solution’s functionality and capabilities, ensuring a frictionless integration

Ongoing support allows your custom solution to adapt to the evolving needs of your operation

One Source for Frictionless Entry