SDM Magazine: Patriot One Software Detects Weapons & Threats

Patriot One’s video recognition software identifies weapons and other threats in crowds. The system is an advanced AI-based video analytics solution designed to provide unprecedented accuracy in detecting threats and enabling businesses, schools and other organizations to protect employees, students, customers, and assets. Businesses can also use its capabilities to gain valuable intelligence on customer traffic flow and behavior to optimize operations.

With the ability to accurately detect weapons and disturbances up to 150 ft. away, Patriot One’s VRS dramatically improves security and efficiency for organizations that host crowds or the general public, including retail stores, schools, casinos, entertainment venues and more. The VRS is compatible with any IP-based video surveillance system, eliminating the need for customers to “rip and replace” existing video infrastructure in order to obtain the benefits of AI-enabled video analytics.

Source: Patriot One Software Detects Weapons & Threats | 2021-06-28 | SDM Magazine