NAVAL TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Patriot One wins Canadian DND contract for PATSCAN platform

Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) has awarded a contract to Patriot One Technologies for the delivery of PATSCAN for the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND).

Under the C$780,000 ($590,342) contract, the company is responsible for the delivery and deployment of PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform.

The PATSCAN platform will also be evaluated by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

The RCN will get familiarised with the platform that will be used during missions to protect personnel and asset at intermediate stops across the globe.

In December 2018, the pre-qualification of the contract was announced by Patriot One.

PATSCAN platform was evaluated and pre-qualified under the Military Innovation Component. Following this, the ISC selected DND as the implementation and evaluation partner.

The six priority areas of the Military Innovation Component include Arctic and maritime security, command and support, cyber-security, in-service support, protecting soldiers, and training systems.

Patriot One’s platform qualified under the Arctic/maritime security and protecting soldiers areas.

Patriot One CEO and president Martin Cronin said: “We’ve been working with Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada’s ISC division and Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) over the past year on this critical programme for personnel and asset protection while at the port around the world.

“The ability to deploy, evaluate and train the DND personnel on the PATSCAN Platform in a variety of real-life settings is extremely exciting for our team. As I’ve shared before, and as a Canadian company, we are truly honoured to be part of this effort to protect our serving military personnel.”

The delivery of the PATSCAN platform is expected to take place in February 2020, with the deployment and testing of the vehicle commencing the following month.

Due to security reasons, the specific location of the PATSCAN platform remains undisclosed.