Fox News: Plaza Hotel & Casino Adopts Patriot One Security System

By Cecil Anderson

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Plaza casino security is looking at a new system that has the ability to detect concealed weapons.

Patriot One developed the Multi-Sensor Gateway system using a mix of technologies to see what can’t be seen with the naked eye, specifically firearms that are hidden on a person or potentially in baggage.

“For a long time, security, we’ve been looking for a passive detection system especially post 1 October,” said Gil Chavez, head of security for the Plaza.

After the mass shooting on the Strip on Oct. 1 2017, security at the Mandalay Bay hotel where the shooting happened was scrutinized for not noticing the shooter bringing up multiple firearms to his room in luggage.

A balance between guest safety and privacy has been challenging, Chavez said.

The Multi-Sensor Gateway comprises two pillars that can be disguised as anything, from flower pots or advertisement signage. The pillars have very sensitive metal detectors and come with a camera to detect metal objects hidden on a person or in baggage. 

“Our pillars are actually able to detect at a higher accuracy rating than the standard metal detector would,” said Grant Evans with Patriot One. “So you’ll be able to see less false positives.”

This system allows a free flow of casino guests while adding security, without interfering with their experience.

“People are coming to Vegas for an experience and they want to know when they’re having that experience that they’re going to be safe here,” Chavez said.

Beyond a situation like 1 October, the system can be used to find a guests who are carrying concealed firearms. Even if they are legal, concealed firearms are generally looked down upon by casinos.

The system would alert security, who then can approach the guest, investigate and offer an opportunity to secure their firearm while on property.

“It’s here to keep you safe. We’re not trying to approach anybody and violate anybody’s rights,” Chavez continued, “It’s going to keep you safe. There are many many including, myself and all my staff, law-abiding firearm owners. There are those out there that intend to do harm — this system is to find them and not you.”