NCS4 Technology Webinar Series: May 13

Patron Screening and Weapons Detection Considerations

Patriot One Technologies was honored to be a part of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security’s (NCS4) webinar on Patron Screening and Weapons Detection Considerations.

In this webinar, Peter Evans, CEO here at Patriot One Technologies discussed the needs of the industry with Jim Mercurio, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Forty Niners Stadium Management Company, and Christian Lau, Chief Technology Officer Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). As stadiums begin to re-open, the planning cycles have accelerated.  Many organizations have been using the pause to business caused by COVID to re-evaluate technology to enhance the spectator experience while ensuring safety and security on the approach, entry, and inside the building experience.

Developing an optimized approach is not as simple as replacing a piece of technology.  Balance has to be achieved between overall costs, business operations, security costs, technology performance, safety, security, and the customer’s experience.

Click on the video below to watch this webinar.


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