Patriot One Platform Gains Facility Insights, Reporting and Customizable Alerts

The latest release of Platform integrates Patriot One’s next-generation patron screening solutions, Multi-Sensor Gateway and Video Recognition System.

TORONTO — Patriot One Technologies (OTCQX: PTOTF) announces a new set of solutions and capabilities built on its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Platform, which it says will give security venue operators a new way to make data-driven, intelligent decisions about overall security requirements and vulnerabilities.

By using real-time statistics, Facility Reporting, Facility Insights and Customizable Alerting will provide a holistic view of the venue, enabling operators to optimize staffing and tailor the solution to their unique needs to protect patrons and staff, and enhance the overall patron experience, according to the company.

Today marks the first of several releases to the Platform, which integrates Patriot One’s next-generation patron screening solutions, Multi-Sensor Gateway and Video Recognition System. Patriot One will demo the new capabilities this week at ISC East in New York City in booth #937.

“We’re excited to introduce Facility Reporting to our customers, to aid them in making staffing and operations decisions based on real-time data,” says Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “At a number of venues, we have seen guest experience, operations and security staff struggle with ad hoc decision making. For example, what they should do about sudden long lines and wait times — is the source of the problem staffing, processing, ticketing or screening? And how does this compare from door to door, event to event, or hour to hour? With Facility Insights, our customers can get an integrated view in real-time, make data-driven decisions during an event and analyze patterns over time between events.”

With the enhanced dashboard capabilities and statistics, venue operators can monitor multiple patron and staff entrances in real-time, allowing them to make necessary adjustments to improve overall operations. For example, operators could deploy more staff at patron entrance “hot-spots” that are forming longer lines or scale up the sensitivity of the weapons detection platform depending on the type of event that is taking place, and historical patterns.

Patriot One provides the following details about the new capabilities:

Facility Reporting is enabling venue operators to monitor ingress and patron traffic more effectively within a facility, so the operators can efficiently coordinate and deploy additional staff where needed, track issues of concern and streamline line management. These statistical insights are helping them make quick, informed decisions on what could be causing long lines at entrances, or why some entrances are moving more slowly or quickly than others. Facility Reporting will allow operators the ability to analyze security strategy decisions in real-time and adjust as necessary, and over time to facilitate planning.

Facility Insights will provide a holistic view of the venue in dashboard or floorplan format, with the flexibility to ingest data from various sources, such as Multi-Sensor Gateway lanes, cameras using the Video Recognition System or other customer sources. Using correlated insights, venue operators can make quick, informed decisions to optimize security staff and fine tune security operations for better effectiveness and throughput. Superimposed “hot spots” on a venue map will alert operators where there could be disruptions or longer than normal waits are occurring, so they can make informed decisions to alleviate those issues. There will also be the opportunity to add another layer of safety by tracking specific patrons that alerted with a prohibited item on entry throughout the facility.

Customizable Alerting will allow venues the flexibility to tailor security alerts to align with their unique security strategy and needs. Alerts can be set to different groups or priority levels depending on who should be receiving them, what event is taking place at the venue or which security guards are stationed in which areas. It will also allow operators to gather data from multiple sources and send it directly to staff in security operations centers or to smart phones that guards are using to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. The form of alerts can also be customized, from simple avatars identifying issues and people of concern, to more detailed video-enabled alerts.

“We took a good look at what is missing in the market, and what our customers have been voicing as key features they would like to see in our roadmap,” Evans continues. “Our solutions are going beyond security and weapons detection. We are elevating the patron experience by arming security operations and staff with a holistic view of their facility and intelligent insights so they can make confident, data-driven decisions.”

Source: Security Sales & Integration – Patriot One Platform Gains Facility Insights, Reporting and Customizable Alerts – Security Sales & Integration