What’s in a Name? – A Note From Our CEO

Yesterday at Patriot One we announced our intent to rebrand.  

This decision was not taken lightly but became obvious following a series of customer roadmap calls.   As we discussed business needs and product requirements with customers, one CSO commented that we, Patriot, were his trusted security advisors, his go-to for collaboration.   He then concluded with “You are a very different company than you were 18 months ago, in every respect.  Your approach, your values, and how we think of you as a company has changed in very positive ways”.

This stuck with me and was in stark contrast to how the word ‘Patriot’ has become a challenging word in society today.   It became particularly apparent, when during a demonstration to a school system, we were asked by school administrators to remove the word ‘Patriot’ from our systems for fear of causing reactions (positive and negative) from parents.

We are indeed a very different company from the one started six years ago.   In the past 18 months, we have entirely re-invented the company.   A new vision, a new team, new business approaches, a highly focused passion to be an integral part of our customers business, in collaboration to serve their customers safely and effectively.   The words that come to us most often in our customer satisfaction surveys are: trust, innovation, transparency, collaboration, integrity.   These are words to be proud of, that are crucial in a security industry context, and words that reflect the brand that we are building.

We are now a tech-forward company, but also think “customer-back” as our first priority.   We leverage digital innovation and AI tools to disrupt the threat landscape and provide new, innovative ways to raise the bar on security, while delivering compelling customer experiences.   

We leverage digital data tools to analyze vast amounts of data and extract out the one key insight needed for our customers to effectively deliver that secure experience for their customers.  

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”  

William Shakespeare penned this line in his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to convey that the naming of things can be irrelevant. 

The value of things, the value we ascribe to them, is based on the experience we associate with them, not the name.   The brand value is not a name.  The brand value is the experience, and brand actions, that we deliver through close relationships with our target market. However, the name also needs to align with the value the brand offers.

With the launching of SmartGateway, a product built on continuous engagement and feedback from customers, we have hit an important inflection point in the company, and a new trajectory, that is being reflected in our accelerating bookings momentum.  

We are a new company, with a new name, that fits our brand value, that is delivering this new trajectory.   We are shedding the final remnants of the past, and delivering a new vision, steeped in the brand values we hold true.

We are one team, with one vision, with one passion, captured in those words attributed to us by customers.   We are Xtract One.