We are DHS SAFETY Act Designated: What It Means, Why It Matters, and How Xtract One is Leading the Way

We are incredibly proud that Xtract One Technologies has been awarded the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation for our Multi-Sensor Gateway portfolio. Our next generation walk-through weapons detectors are designed with AI technology to safeguard places where people gather to be entertained, educated, engage, and enjoy –  such as arenas, stadiums, hospitals, convention centers, and schools – from external threats like gun violence. This Designation, which is proactive to our customers back to 2021 and will be in effect until 2029, recognizes the effectiveness of our AI-powered weapons detection technology for public safety and positions us as a trusted leader in advanced touchless security screening solutions.

What is the DHS SAFETY Act?

In the aftermath of September 11th, the United States recognized the vital importance of encouraging innovation in anti terrorism technology which led to the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (a.k.a. The SAFETY Act). 

The Act offers robust incentives and liability protection to companies that demonstrate that their technologies have been thoroughly vetted and tested and prove their capacity to defend against acts of terrorism. For technologies that demonstrate their effectiveness through testing, Designated status establishes a liability cap or limit on the financial risk a company might face in the unlikely event of a terrorist attack.

The process to receive a Safety Act Award is rigorous in that, through a large volume of solution testing, it validates the solution efficacy. Further, the process also validates the entire end-to-end business processes to ensure that there are no gaps in the development, production, deployment, and utilization of the solution by customers. We have been awarded at a Designation level versus the path many others take, choosing The Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation (DTED) level before pursuing full Designation. Achieving Designation status from the start under this rigorous framework and best practices proves the quality and reliability of Xtract One’s security screening in threat detection. It also validates our commitment to developing the most effective weapons detection technology for protecting people and assets, especially within vital infrastructure and high-traffic venues.

Benefits to Companies Like Xtract One

By earning Designation under the DHS SAFETY Act, the achievement brings Xtract One several distinct advantages:

  • Reduced Risk: With Designation status, our potential financial exposure in the case of a potential threat or terrorist attack is minimized. In fact, Xtract One has been designated with a liability of only $3 million, compared to many assigned much higher. This lets us confidently reinvest resources into further research and development efforts.
  • Customer Confidence: Many organizations look to the Safety Act process, and verification, as 3rd party validation of the solution against rigorous standards. Some organizations, such as professional sports leagues, mandate Safety Act Award before they will approve security screening solutions to be deployed by their teams.
  •  Investor Confidence: The rigorous standards mandated by the SAFETY Act reassure investors of the long-term potential and dependability of our security solutions. They understand that SAFETY Act protection involves extensive evaluation, and this vetting process solidifies confidence in Xtract One.
  • Market Appeal: Organizations seeking reliable security solutions and concealed weapons detection are naturally drawn to SAFETY Act Designated technologies because of their government-vetted status. This makes it easier to expand into new market segments and build a strong customer base.

How the SAFETY Act Benefits Customers

Investing in SAFETY Act Designated technologies like our own provides significant benefits to customers:

  • Peace of Mind: Our AI weapons detection system has undergone strict government scrutiny, solidifying trust in their quality and effectiveness. Customers can be confident they are making a well-informed investment in their security infrastructure.
  • Superior Protection: Unlike many outdated traditional metal detector technologies and scanners, Designated technologies adhere to the highest standards, guaranteeing the best possible performance and detection accuracy in protecting people and assets. Knowing this allows customers and their security personnel to focus on other operational concerns.
  • Shared Risk Mitigation: The liability safeguards built into the SAFETY Act extend to users of Designated technologies, offering them a layer of protection in the case of a weapon or other threat. This shared risk management offers financial security and peace of mind.

Xtract One’s Commitment to Security Innovation

We firmly believe that in-depth understanding of the SAFETY Act is essential for everyone involved in anti-terrorism technologies, from development to implementation. At Xtract One, we intend on going beyond mere compliance with the SAFETY Act – here’s how:

  • Sharing Expertise: We proactively disseminate knowledge and insights about our qualified anti terrorism detection, its application and security screening process, and potential enhancements within the industry. This might take the form of participating in industry conferences to hosting webinars on topics such as school safety or contributing to relevant publications.
  • Driving Progress: Through collaboration with government organizations and industry partners, we work to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, meeting the demands of changing technologies and security threats. 
  • Transparency: We take care to ensure our solutions work to their published specifications, and that there is no misrepresentation of those capabilities. For this reason, we continuously test our solutions with 3rd party organizations such as the DHS, TSA, NPSA, and others acting on behalf of organizations such as the professional sports leagues.

The Future: Security, Assurance & Technological Advancement

Xtract One’s strives to stay at the forefront of security innovation. The SAFETY Act offers an invaluable framework that supports this goal, stimulating collaboration, fostering trust, and incentivizing investment in technologies that protect our future. Even the most advanced sensors and sophisticated AI algorithms cannot replace human expertise and vigilance. While the SAFETY Act helps Xtract One deliver powerful tools, we equally emphasize training, user empowerment, and awareness campaigns to maximize effectiveness. At Xtract One, we continually evaluate how our solutions meet and exceed the Act’s benchmarks. Here’s how our focus areas harmonize with the SAFETY Act’s core principles:

  • Effectiveness: The SAFETY Act prioritizes technologies that perform in real-world scenarios. Our rigorous testing protocols, from lab environments to simulations of high-traffic situations, ensure our solutions deliver results when it counts most.
  • Reliability: Our customers depend on our solutions 24/7. Our emphasis on quality control, continuous system monitoring, and robust failure mitigation strategies mirrors the SAFETY Act’s insistence on reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.
  • Innovation: The SAFETY Act was designed to encourage continuous advancement. Our dedicated R&D team relentlessly explores cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to ensure our solutions evolve alongside threats and anticipate future needs.

At Xtract One, we are committed to exceeding the Act’s standards and delivering the best possible protection for our customers. Together, by working within such systems and constantly pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovation, we can build a world where everyone feels secure and protected – one Gateway at a time.

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