Securing the Past: Xtract One’s SafeGateway at Zekelman Holocaust Center

The Zekelman Holocaust Center in Farmington Hills MI, established in 1984, is a local resource that educates visitors about the Holocaust through exhibits, survivor testimonies, and an extensive Library Archive. The Center’s mission is to empower individuals to create a compassionate society by standing up against hatred and antisemitism.

Recognizing the need for increased security, the Center sought a solution that would effectively screen for potential threats while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Xtract One’s SafeGateway was chosen for its user-friendly interface and efficient weapons screening capabilities.

The installation of SafeGateways at the Center’s entrances has enhanced security without compromising visitor experience. 

With the implementation of SafeGateway, the Zekelman Holocaust Center continues its important work of educating and engaging visitors while prioritizing the safety of all involved.

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