Enhancing Stadium Security: Xtract One’s SmartGateway at Moody Center

The Moody Center, a multi-purpose arena on the University of Texas campus, considering¬† security operations during its construction, was looking for an alternative to traditional security measures. The management team explored Xtract One’s SmartGateway solution, which offered enhanced efficiency and potential cost benefits.

Initially intended for a specific entrance, the management team recognized the potential of SmartGateway and considered deploying it across multiple locations. Ultimately, they decided to gradually implement SmartGateway at various entrances.

The SmartGateway solution provided numerous advantages, including cost savings, user-friendliness, and increased throughput. During the venue’s opening night, when other security measures faced challenges, patrons passed through the SmartGateway efficiently. Feedback from attendees indicated high satisfaction rates for the entry process. The deployment of SmartGateway was simple and the portability of the systems allowed for swift setup and take down before and after events.

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