5 Ways AI is Elevating the Physical Security Space

In 2023, it seems like every company has or is trying to create a novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, making new products possible and taking existing solutions from good to great. 

At least, that’s what many investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs hope happens. 

More than $15 billion was allocated to generative AI companies in the first half of 2023 alone, and hundreds of startups are popping up, looking to leverage this amazing technology and capitalize on this moment. 

Some efforts are more sincere than others. As one Axios headline recently commented, “In tech, everything is labeled ‘AI’ now.” 

In this environment, differentiating hype from reality can be exceedingly difficult, as speculation masquerades as progress and marketing makes even iterative changes sound like innovation. 

That’s why the physical security space is an outlier. Traditionally a human-centered sector, technological advancement and AI maturation have made the sector decidedly more tech-focused, collectively making security providers more responsive and people safer in the spaces they care about the most. 

This is more than hype or hope. It’s observable right now in tangible developments across the security sector. 

Here are five ways AI is elevating the security physical security space. 

#1 AI monitors security cameras.

Security work often involves closely watching expansive arrays of monitors piping in footage that may or may not reveal real risk. 

This task is both high stakes and stressful while also being incredibly boring. Unsurprisingly, many security professionals acknowledge this is an ineffective and inefficient way to identify risks. 

That’s where AI can step in to fill a vital surveillance role. 

Through active video surveillance powered by AI, video analytics consistently scrutinize footage to identify unusual activities like lingering, forgotten bags, and other irregularities, preventing potential harm or loss.

Most importantly, these systems can alert security personnel to a potential threat, allowing them to quickly mitigate risk and ensure everyone’s safety. 

#2 AI aggregates data from multiple sources at scale. 

Home and business owners are increasingly turning to an ecosystem of security-related technologies – from cameras and motion detectors to entry sensors and alarms – that collectively help protect physical spaces. 

They also create copious amounts of data that can be useful when analyzed in aggregate, providing insights and intelligence into threat trends that must be addressed. 

AI makes this possible, aggregating data from multiple sources at scale and identifying and extracting the most critical pieces of information from massive data sets. Purpose-built AI models identify relevant patterns and anomalies in the data. They extract key insights, discerning the difference between meaningful patterns, irregularities, and false positives. 

This delivers actionable analytics that enhance safety and security.

#3 AI presents operators and decision-makers with real-time insights. 

By consolidating insights from diverse security technologies into a unified, user-friendly interface, AI allows operators to swiftly focus on critical issues without sifting through overwhelming data. This real-time intelligence facilitates immediate, informed decisions, which is essential in a domain where every second counts. 

Notably, AI’s adaptability ensures it evolves with changing threats, integrating seamlessly with response systems and continually refining its accuracy over time, making it an indispensable tool for modern security operations.

#4 AI keeps weapons and prohibited patrons from public and private events. 

Securing in-person gatherings is a nightmare for security personnel. Assessing risk and promoting safety among large crowds and ensuring that tens of thousands of patrons have an optimal experience can seem impossible. 

This dynamic was on full display at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois, during a White Sox game. An attendee snuck a weapon past security, and an accidental discharge struck the woman and another attendee. 

Despite security’s best efforts, one bad actor was able to avoid detection, potentially putting hundreds of people at risk and eroding the sense of security for thousands of attendees. 

AI is making security more sophisticated, leveraging advanced technologies to identify weapons or prohibited patrons and alerting security to take action. 

For example, Xtract One’s SmartGateway provides swift, dependable, and precise patron screening tailored for high-capacity venues, offering a more welcoming alternative to traditional metal detectors. 

Utilizing AI-enhanced sensors, it discreetly scans individuals for weapons and unauthorized items upon entry, ensuring safety without compromising the comfort and privacy of guests. It’s perfectly suited for stadiums and other ticketed venues aiming to efficiently admit large crowds while adhering to rigorous security standards.

#5 AI empowers physical security teams to do more with less. 

AI’s integration into physical security systems enables teams to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. By automating the analysis of vast amounts of data, identifying potential threats, and offering predictive insights, AI reduces the need for extensive manpower and resources.

This allows security teams to achieve superior results and maintain heightened vigilance with fewer personnel and assets, optimizing both costs and response times.

With many companies struggling to recruit, attract, and retain talent, AI is bridging the gap, helping ensure that physical security teams have the intel needed to make the most of their highly valuable personnel. 

Elevate Security With AI and Xtract One 

AI stands at the forefront of transforming the physical security sector, an industry once deeply rooted in human-driven operations. These advancements offer enhanced surveillance, efficient data aggregation, real-time insights, robust event security, and a streamlined approach for security teams.

Xtract One’s pioneering solutions, particularly in venue and facility security, epitomize the harmonious integration of AI into physical security, ensuring safety while maintaining an individual’s sense of comfort and privacy. Our products combine end-to-end technical knowledge with a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to meeting our customers’ unique needs.

To learn more about how Xtract One can help keep you and your people safe, visit https://xtractone.com/