5 Key Takeaways from our Talking Physical Security with Peter Evans webinar featuring Daniel Ward of NCS⁴

Last week, we held our first in a series of webinars looking at physical security today and the patron experience. Patriot One CEO Peter Evans and Daniel Ward, Director of Training and Exercise at the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) sat down to discuss the recently published report on the operational exercise that the NCS⁴ performed on Patriot One’s patron screening technology. Here, we recap five key takeaways from their discussion.


  1. The NCS process is a robust operational exercise. The operational exercise was developed in conjunction with industry experts and practitioners, including representatives from sports teams, the professional sports leagues and former members of the U.S. Secret Service. The objective of an operational exercise is to evaluate “claims” made by vendors, whether in their marketing materials or during sales engagements. The exercise with Patriot One was extensive – incorporating several phases, running the same exercise objectives several times to observe operational capabilities of two system versions in multiple environments and over time, and then developing the 61 page summary report together with the evaluators outlining the results.


  1. The published report provides a complete review. NCS⁴ is a well-respected, independent organization that produces high-quality, objective product operational exercise reports. Their report outlining Patriot One’s results was very transparent, showcasing all aspects of the Patriot One solution and performance. Patriot One chose to undertake this project with NCS⁴, not only as a path to establishing credibility with professional sports leagues, but also for the industry as a whole, as there is a lot of confusion and misunderstandings about patron security screening right now. This degree of transparency not only showcases Patriot One’s technological abilities, but it helps practitioners better understand how the systems technical promise translates to operational capability.


  1. Patriot One chose criteria outlined by the pro-sports leagues. Patriot One chose to incorporate professional sports and entertainment safety and security standards, rather than limit the operational exercise to advertised capabilities. We chose to base the exercise off what was important to the customer, not just on what we say our technology can do. Because professional sports leagues and venues have very specific and strict security requirements, Patriot One worked with various chief security officers at the team and league level, to understand their requirements and achieve approval to deploy in a safe and secure manner. Overall, we at Patriot One feel that we demonstrated that the Multi-Sensor Gateway solution detected more prohibited items than traditional walk-through metal detectors and can provide an increased level of security while also significantly increasing the patron experience and overall operational efficiencies.


  1. How Patriot One’s technology performed during the exercise. Overall, Patriot One scored a 2.5 out of 3 – meaning, on average, the solution met the requirements defined in the matrix. In addition to individual functional area ratings, evaluators provided additional commentary and observations to aid other operators interested in deploying the solution. Quantitative data collected during the exercise is incorporated into the report to provide further explanation of how Patriot One performed. Together, the qualitative and quantitative data provide a thorough description of observations and rating justifications. You can download the full report by clicking here.


  1. Patriot One was able to quickly adapt to identified operational issues. Patriot One was evaluated on two iterations of its Multi-Sensor Gateway, within a span of a few weeks. The first was during a live stadium setting with thousands of patrons present. Many of the comments and suggestions that the evaluators had for the solution during the first exercise were incorporated into the second set of exercises, showcasing Patriot One’s ability to quickly address specific technical and operational requirements. This flexibility is paramount to sports leagues and teams, as they all have their own unique security operations requirements for their unique facility. No two venues are alike and Patriot One’s ability to quickly customize the solution is essential.


Like most industries right now, the pro sports leagues are very focused on using technology and digital innovation to continuously transform and improve their business and the experience for patrons. To watch the full webinar, please click here.