3 Tips for Casinos Implementing Patron Screening Technology – from our Talking Physical Security Webinar Series

During our most recent Talking Physical Security webinar, Peter Evans talked with Walter Gunn, director of safety and security at Tachi Palace Casino Resort, about their implementation of Patriot One’s weapons screening solution and his plans for the future. Walter also discussed his tips and recommendations for other casinos who are thinking about introducing a new physical security system into their facilities.


Tachi Palace Casino Resort installed Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Gateway screening solution last year and have seen great results – see our recent case study here. During this process, Walter said there have been lessons learned, and having a solid strategy in place will help casinos as they look to modernize their weapons detection strategy. Here, we recap some of his tips.


Be honest and open about what you need

There is no silver bullet in security technology. However, there is really good, highly effective technology on the market that will elevate the security of casinos, while also improving the patron experience. It’s important to sit down with the management team and be open and honest about what they want to get out of security technology. Identifying key issues on the floor that need to be addressed is a crucial first step. Once those issues are identified, Patriot One can discuss how its solutions address these unique situations.


Walter says he selected Patriot One as Tachi’s security solution provider in part because of the ease of use. He was honest about the ability of the casino’s security officers to operate new, modern screening technology, and needed something very user-friendly and easy to learn.


Put policies in place first

When getting ready to install and implement the Multi-Sensor Gateway, Walter says to establish policies and procedures before completely handing it over to employees. Think of scenarios ahead of time that may arise when using security technology, so there is a clear process for troubleshooting when issues pop up. There should also be a clear plan for how employees and security officers will be trained on the system, taking into consideration their comfort level and experience with modern technology.


Then, once the policies and procedures are in place, management must be consistent about enforcing them. Holding security officers accountable for using the system as they were trained is crucial to maximizing the efficacy of the technology.


Give employees time to learn the system

While it may not be possible for every situation, giving employees a week or two to train with and test the system will set them up for success. They should be comfortable with how it works and what their roles are before “going live” and completely relying on it to detect weapons on patrons upon entry into the casino. Walter says he was able to give security officers about two weeks of training and trying out the equipment before they started screening patrons, making the transition to the new system seamless.


Walter says that he’s worked at several casinos around the country, and customer experience is always a top priority – with security being a key part of that. He added that Tachi Palace Casino Resort is living proof that by following these tips, any casino can have a successful implementation with Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Gateway and improve their overall security. He added that there are big plans to expand Tachi’s campus with additional amenities and buildings, and they will be leveraging Patriot One to secure the entrances of each of them, including employee entrances. You can view the full webinar here.


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